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Welcome to the Complete Manifesting Course for Higher Income!

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about manifesting higher income, including how to manifest, what to do, and the Law of Attraction. 

Here is the full curriculum:

Module 1

Understanding Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

• What is Manifestation?

• How does Manifestation Work?

• What is the Law of Attraction?

• The Science Behind Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

• The Role of Belief in Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

• Overcoming Blocks to Manifestation

Module 2

Defining Your Income Goals

• Identifying Your Desired Income Level

• Visualizing Your Income Goals

• Creating Affirmations to Support Your Income Goals

• Setting Actionable Goals to Achieve Your Desired Income

Module 3

Aligning with Your Income Goals

• Understanding the Power of Alignment

• How to Align Your Thoughts and Emotions with Your Income Goals

• Using Gratitude to Increase Abundance

• Embracing Positive Thinking to Manifest Higher Incom

Module 4

Taking Inspired Action

• The Importance of Inspired Action in Manifestation

• The Difference between Inspired Action and Forced Action

• How to Recognize Inspired Action

• Overcoming Fear and Doubt in Taking Inspired Action

Module 5

Letting Go and Allowing Manifestation

• How to Release Attachment to Outcomes

• Trusting the Universe to Manifest Your Desired Income

• Letting Go of Negative Thoughts and Emotions

• Overcoming Impatience and Frustration

Module 6

Manifesting Higher Income in Your Career or Business

• Manifesting a Raise or Promotion in Your Current Job

• Manifesting New Opportunities and Clients in Your Business

• The Importance of Offering Value in Your Career or Business

• Using Manifestation to Attract Wealth and Abundance

Module 7

Maintaining Your Manifested Income

• How to Sustain Your Manifested Income

• Maintaining a Positive Mindset and Emotions

• The Power of Gratitude in Maintaining Abundance

• Avoiding Negative Thought Patterns and Behaviors

Bunos Module

Advanced Manifestation Techniques

• The Power of Visualization in Manifestation

• Manifesting with Intention and Focus

• Using Affirmations to Amplify Your Manifesting Power

• The Role of Meditation in Manifestation

By the end of this course, You Will:

  • Have a deep understanding of how manifestation works, how to align with your income goals, how to take inspired action, and how to let go and allow manifestation

  • Learn advanced manifestation techniques that will amplify your manifesting power and help you achieve your desired income level